Translations with a view

The translator is patently the only true reader of the text. Certainly more so than any critic; perhaps more so than the author himself. Because the critic is only a flitting courtesan of the text; the author, its father and husband; the translator is its lover.
Gesualdo Bufalino

Daeverso Translations


Daeverso Translations is a Milan-based professional studio specialising in translations from German, French and English into Italian. Daeverso is at the service of globally-active agencies, companies and individuals.

Whenever necessary, Daeverso collaborates with colleagues with sector-specific experience to guarantee full service and timely delivery. For the most technically-oriented translations, Daeverso utilises the latest-version SDL Studio software or tools supplied by the client: tools that permit assembling translation databases for future use.

Francesca Soldani, owner of Daeverso, has worked for many years for agencies and in the most widely diversified fields, from design to pharmacology, from banking services to ecology, from tourism to marketing, always with a multidisciplinary approach which has favoured acquisition of myriad competencies. From her experience at the Berne offices of the Swiss Federal Chancellery in multilingual Switzerland, Ms. Soldani gleaned a thorough knowledge of the Confederation bodies and of reference tools useful for translators (Admin and Termdat). Furthermore, having worked for 20 years with the Swiss market, she is well-versed in the Ticinese linguistic variant of Italian. Since 2010 she has been active in the sector of decorating and design as well as socio-economic non-fiction with Italian translations of works by Swiss author Piero San Giorgio.

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Sectors and Job Types

  • Decorating and furniture design

  • Advertising and transcreation

  • Medicine and pharmacology

  • Non-fiction

  • Ecology and the environment

  • Cooking and food-and-wine

  • Jewellery and watch-making

  • Economics

  • Law

  • Banking services

  • Insurance

  • translation and localisation of advertising campaigns

  • voice-over

  • corporate profiles

  • website localization

  • company publications (house organs, brochures, newsletters, product information, promotional activities)

  • mailing

  • letters

  • press releases

  • questionnaires

  • market surveys

  • translations for training courses

  • notices, circulars

  • in-house magazines

  • e-learning materials

  • personnel health and safety manuals

  • CVs

  • in-house procedures

  • Intranet texts

  • adaptation of videos for sales force training

  • instructions

  • user guides

  • manuals and product information

  • price lists

  • specifications

  • catalogues

  • annual reports
  • sector studies

  • contracts

  • company profiles

  • prospectuses

  • bulletins

  • general-interest publications/articles


What People Are Saying

Francesca translated my book from French and English (both versions) into Italian. It was excellent, precise and contextually accurate. I recommend Francesca highly!

I have the pleasure to work with Francesca and I greatly esteem her professionalism and her educational and cultural background. I wish I could always work with professionals such as Francesca.

In a press office, everything happens really fast. I know I can count on Francesca Soldani, her reliability and availability makes my work much, much easier.

Francesca is my point of reference for transcreation. Her style is elegant, punchy, essential; never redundant and very fluid.  I would love to work with her more frequently . . . but she’s always busy!

Ms Soldani began working for BMP Translations AG in 2010 as one of our first into-Italian translators.  Since then she has worked for us regularly in a wide range of fields (IT, financial, technical, tourism, marketing) and we are very satisfied with the quality of her work.

I hired Francesca as a translation intern for the Italian translation team of J.D.Edwards, which I managed. Francesca proved to be a good junior translator (junior at the time, I’m sure she has grown in the profession afterwards), willing to learn and a good team player.